KAKA Industrial 5” Drill Press Machine Vise, Precise Drilling Press Vise, BSM125

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Kaka Industrial LLC focuses on the machineries and tools for the smaller cabinet and machine shops.

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KAKA BSM-125 Descriptions

KAKA industrial BSM-125 machine vise is s sturdy vice constructed from graded cast iron and designed for use with bench drills and drill presses. Its compact low profile design makes it suitable for a multitude of metal and woodworking applications.
It also designs for for drill press applications, such as Drilling, Tapping, Reaming, Milling, Grinding and more.
The low profile clearance leaving more space on working table and the harden-processed V grooved jaws hold round objects in vertical and horizontal position
It also has a rugged drill press vise with removal upper section jaws
What Can Kaka Offer
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