KAKA Industrial EB-6116 Manual Magnetic Sheet Metal Box and Pan Brake, 60" Length ,1-Phase 220V, 16-Gauge Mild Steel Capacity

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 The fundamental principle of the Magnetic Bending Machine is that it uses electromagnetic, rather than mechanical clamping system The machine consists of a long electromagnet with a steel clamp bar located above it. The sheet metal is clamped between the two by an electromagnet capable of clamping with a force range of between 3-10 tons. Rotating the bending beam then forms the bend. The sheet is bent around the front edge of the clamping bar They have application in many ways with four various sets clamping bars.

  •   A strong 6 ton magnet in the bed is activated by foot pedal or push button control to hold down a mild steel clamping bar of almost any configuration across the bed width or bed length. 
  • The sheet metal is pinned between the magnetic mild steel clamping bar. The bottom bending leaf is lifted to make the bend. 
  • The steel clamping bar can be made of straight bars (of various widths for tight boxes) for straight bends or segmented clamping bars for box and pan applications of any other configuration such as totally enclosed boxes, triangles, alternate bends on varying planes, round items such as scrolling applications, and much more. 
  • Great for bending mild steel sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, coated materials, and heated plastics. 
  • The bottom leaf’s bending extension can be removed for the tightest bends. The scaled stroke angle control can be set for repeat bends. Parts supports and adjustable back gauge for production runs, easy to use gap adjustments on the clamping bars for different sheet metal thicknesses.
  • Magnetic clamping brake
  • Easy raise clamp bar
  • Unlimited box depth
  • Includes multiple finger lengths
  • Bending stop included

    Model EB5216 EB6116
    Nominal capacity
    (length x thickness)
    52"x16 Gauge
    52"x16 Gauge
    Clamping force (tons) 6.5 8
    Electricity supply 1 phase, 220V, 11A 1 phase, 220V, 13A
    Duty cycle (%) 30
    Protection (℃) Thermal cut-out 70℃
    Foot switch Standard Standard
    Bending-edge length (mm) 1370 1620
    Distance between lifters (mm) 1330 1570
    U-channel bends, minimum spacing (mm) 16*** 19***
    Closed channel, minimum internal (mm) 99x27*** 114x22***
    Z-reverse bends, minimum spacing (mm) 36**/18*
    Thickness capacities, full length (material thickness can increase depending on the length of bend)
    …Mild steel (mm) 1.6**/1.2*
    …Aluminum (medium-hard) (mm) 1.6**/1.2*
    …Copper, Zinc, Brass (medium-hard) (mm) 1.6**/1.2*
    …Stainless steel (mm) 1.0**/0.9*
    ***with standard full length clamp bar **with bending beam extension bar removed
    *extension bar