KAKA Industrial 19-In Throat Pneumatic Planishing Hammer with Cast-Iron Stand

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KAKA Industrial Pneumatic Planishing Hammer with Stand Overview

The planishing hammer is built with high quality steel. It can fully operate to smooth the metal areas such as welds and panel crowning. Foot pedal operation allows high flexibility and adjustment where you leave you hand free. The sold cast-iron steel frame safeguard the stability when you are working. The capacity for this planishing hammer can up to 18 gauge. Overall, it is a great tool and smart purchase to people who want to project on auto body parts, mountain bikes and many more!


Cast-Iron Steel Frame Stand, Easy Operation with Foot Pedal, Great Capacity up to 18 Gauge, You May Want to Click Add Cart Right Now

Overall, it is a high flexible, easy operation, high quality pneumatic planishing hammer. The cast-iron frame stand gives the great stability while on working. After all, safety is all the matters. With the foot pedal in use, your hand can leave freely without any effort. The capacity can work up to 18 gauge and the the deep 19-5/8 inch throat will fulfill any work assignment you want to finish. More importantly, with the product itself and the stand together, we can guarantee this is the a great deal you will not want to miss!

 PPH-500 Key Benefits

 1-18 GAUGE STEEL CAPACITY. The pneumatic Planishing hammer has a rigid steel frame that allow handles shaping steel up to 18 Capacity

2-HIGH ADJUSTABILITY. A foot pedal operation is equip with this planishing hammer that will free your hands with great flexibility

3-19 INCH DEEP THROAT. The planishing hammer has a 19-5/8” deep throat which accommodates with large workpieces will satisfy any metal shop work

4-THREE ANVIL RADIUS ARE INCLUDED. There are three different size of anvil radius come with this cast-iron pneumatic planishing hammer

5-RUGGED STEEL STAND IS INCLUDED. The more important part is that this product comes with the cast-iron stand, which would be a great deal that you will not want to miss


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