KAKA 8 In Manual Mini Shear/brake Combination, Sheet Metal Brakes Shears Machine

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Kaka Industrial 8" Mini Shear Brake Overview

Kaka Industrial 8 inches mini shear brake is a smart metalworking tool.
This mini shear can fulfill multiple tasks, which include shearing, angle bending, pan forming & radius bending with continuous steps. 
It is also perfect for those small arts and crafts projects where a larger machine is just too big to be operated efficiently.
It has an 18 gauge aluminum maximum capacity and a 20 gauge copper/brass maximum capacity.
It equips with an 8-inches bed width with 7-7/8-inches blades for the shear and brake.
It also has a 90 degrees maximum bend angle for making perfect corners. 

What Will Kaka Offer


1- Fast Shipment
The usual handle time is within 1 business day. 
More often than that, orders are placed before 12pm every day will be shipped on same day.
2-Trusted Carrier
FedEx will take care of all shipment to ensure the quality, accuracy, and time reliability of your product.
3-Friendly Customer Team
We have a very easy and responsible customer service team, every inquire will be answered within 12 hours.
4-Hassel-Free Return Process.
Our return process is easy and simple
It will save your time and energy. 
Just read at the bottom regarding the return process.
5-Easy Process For Replacing Damaged Parts. 
Damaged Parts due to Shipping or other conditions are unavoidable. 
What we can offer is that we need you to provide the damaged part to us and after we identified the damaged parts, 
we will send it FREE to you within 1-business days
8" Mini Shear Features
1-European-Standard Quality Ensure
2-Maximum 1" lip for Pan forming
3-Four cutting edges, upper cutter save your money to purchase the replacement ones
4-Bend and shear with one compact tool, it is perfect for countless applications.
5-Double-featured miniature machine will save your hours of tedious sheet metal fabrication and finishing.
Small Tips
1-Bending Prism with 2 Radius V-grooves. Simply rotate the BENDING PRISM 180° vertically to use the optional radius.
  2-For the purpose of protecting the machine from rust during transit, it is covered by protective coating before packed. As a reminder, denatured alcohol does a nice job of cleaning it off.
Capacity & Features
 Base Dimension: 230x125mm
 Blade Length: 200mm
 Maximum Cutting and Bending Length: 7-7/8"
 Aluminum: 1.2mm/18Gauge
 Copper: 1.0mm/20Guage
 Circuit Board: 1.5mm/16Gauge
 Tinplate Sheet Metal: 1.0mm/20Gauge
 Brass: 1.0mm/20Gauge
Packing size:47x32x17cm