kaka EB4816 Magnetic Bending Machine

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Magnetic Bending Machine with foot pedal
Unlimited box depth
Easy raise clamp bar
includes multiple finger length
Magnetic Bending Machine  with Magnetic clamping brake

 1.Easy raise clamping car.

2.Unlimited box depth.

3.Include multiple finger lengths.

4.Bending stop included.


Item NO. 173403
Model EB-14816
Max. Capaity(length x thikness) 1250x1.6mm
Clamping foce 6Ton
Duty cycle 30%
Back-gauge 640mm
Foot switch  
Norminal current 6Amp
Bending-edge length 1300mm
Distance between lifters 1260mm
Packing size 145x112x38cm
N.W/G.W.(kg) 175/220kg