Kaka W1.2x1000 1000mm Sheet Metal Bending Brake,18 Ga Mild Steel, 16 Ga Aluminum

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Kaka Industrial W1.2x1000 1000mm Sheet Metal Bending Brake Overview

The 1000mm  bending brake is a smart selection if you need to bend materials with high width and high thickness requirements. This bending brake can bend up to 1000mm  wide with a 18 gauge mild steel and 16 gauge aluminum capacity. Additionally, the bending brake can bend angle up to 90 degree effortlessly and the two lengthen handles with knobs make the bending easily. 

Solid Construction, High Capacity, Easy Operation 1000mm  Sheet Metal Bending Brake

This bending brake is designed with heavy sturdy material and will last for a long time use. Pre-drilled mounting holes save your time and effort to set this bending brake and make it effortlessly and easily. It has a simple construction and it very easy to align.Overall, it is a great high capacity bending brake you should own one!



  • Item No.173135
  • Model W1.2X1000
  • Capacity(mm)  Width1000
  • Thickness1.2
  • Angle0-135°
  • Packing size(mm)125x27x30
  • N.W./G.W.(kg)     36/45