KAKA Industrial Heavy-Duty Metal Corner Notcher, 4x4" Blade,11-Ga Mild Steel

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KANG Industrial HN-3/102 Heavy Duty Corner Notcher Overview

  KAKA Industrial HN-3/102 corner notcher combines notching and coping in one compact unit. 

  The machine may also be used for shearing strip and box corner notching. A machine designs to handle the many small, diversified jobs in the sheet metal shop.

 The HN-3/102 features with a work table with edges machined squared for accurate and convenient gauge setting and shatter-proof finger guard. It can cut a full 4” x 4” corner notch in one stroke.

 Solid Design, High Precision, Great Capacity and Easy Operation Heavy-Duty Corner Notcher

  KAKA Industrial manual corner notcher is carefully polished by the designer with heavy lasting material and complicated resembling procedures; the quality of this product can be guaranteed. 

   The fully adjustable precision ground guide  plates and fine reading scale safeguard the accuracy of your work  projects. Moreover, this right angel notcher has a fix 90 degree and can cut full 4x4 inch with a 11 gauge mild steel. You just cannot miss such a great machine that can do magnificent jobs for you!

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0.118"mild steel

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