KAKA TR-40 Square Tube Bender, High Quality Square and Rectangular Tubing Bender

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Kaka Industrial TR-40 Manual Square Rectangular Tube Rolling Bender Overview

Kaka Industrial TR-40 tubing bender is specifically designed to deal with square and rectangular tube bending process. It is also built for rolling box section and flat bar into curves or completing circles. The tubing bender can process materials such as steel, cuprum and aluminum. Powered by hand and bench mounted operation, the tube bender can handle flat bar (mild steel) up to 2"x1/4" or 1-1/2" square tubes with a thickness 0f 1/16".The flat bar can be curved gently for decorative applications. 

Key Features

Specifically suitable for square and rectangular tube bending

Build with high quality material that can last for many year heavy use

Adjustable roller allows for flexibility and easy operation during bending process

Can be utilized to process materials such as steel, cuprum and aluminum

Maximum capacity is up to 1-1/2 " x 14 gauge square tubes with multiple passes 

Diameter & Thickness Specifications

Diameter of Upper Roller

3.5" (90mm) 

Diameter Of Lower Roller

1.5" (40mm)

Thickness Of Upper Roller 

2" (50mm)

Thickness Of Lower Roller 

3" (78mm) 

Vertical Travel Of Upper Roller  

6" (150mm)

Maximum Center Distance Of Lower Roller

18 7/8" (480mm)

Minimum Center Distance of Lower Roller

12.5" (320mm)