KAKA TR-50 Manual Tube Pipe Roller Bender, High Precision Tubing Pipe Bender

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Kaka Industrial TR-50 Tube and Pipe Bender Overview

Kaka Industrial TR-50 pipe bender is able to bend exhaust pipes, water pipes, roll bars and electrical conduit. Meanwhile, it can also bend materials such as steel, copper and aluminum. This sturdy pipe bender comes with one set of 1-1/2" round tube roller that has three sets of rollers, which together will handle the tubing capacity up to 2" in diameter. Moreover, the pipe bender has a wheel driving system allows effortless operation.

High Quality Design, High Precision Bending, Easy Operation Kaka Industrial TR-50 Tube and Pipe Bender

Kaka TR-50 pipe bender is built with high quality material that can last for many years. The hardened steel top plate specifically designs to prolong the durability of this tubing bender. Additionally, top screws allows for incremental bending in controlling bending precision in order to achieve the exact desired curve. Furthermore, the wheel driving system and enlarged outrigger base plate ensure the smooth operation during the bending process. Overall, it is a great tube and pipe bending tool you will not want to miss!

Important Information Regarding the Optional Rollers

  • This pipe bender comes with one set of 1-1/2" round tube roller
  • More optional roller with extra charge can be found through this link: http://www.kakaindustrial.com/bender/optional-rollers-5/optional-roller-for-tr50.html


  • Model: TR-50
  • Item No: 191007
  • Roller Adjustment: Manual, wheel drive
  • Weight: 44/54KG
  • Packing size:56x56x43cm
  • Warrant: 1-Year