KAKAIND 8-In Manual Hand Plate Shear, Solid and Precise Sheet Metal Plate Shear

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KAKA Industrial 8-Inch Sheet Metal Plate Shear Overview

KAKA Industrial 8-Inch hand metal shear is a smart purchase for the purpose of cutting metal plate, round steel and flat bar shearing. It equips with a blade length of 8-inch and features with cast iron steel frame, long steel handle and high precision cutting capability.

Just A Simple Click, You Will Own A Solid Construction, High Cutting Capacity, Hardened Carbon Steel Blade 8-Inch Metal Shear
The cutting capacity of this metal shear is that it can cut sheet steel at 3/16”, flat steel at 2-3/4x3/16-inch and round steel at 1/2-inch. Additionally, this metal shear has a solid steel frame and a hardened carbon steel blade, both will increase the durability of this metal for a long time. More importantly, this metal shear is equipped with a long handle that will increase the flexibility and easiness since the long handle will give you more freedom and free your back pain! 
HS-8 Sheet Metal Shear Benefits!
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION GUARANTEES STABILITY AND SAFETY. Kaka Industrial 8-inch metal plate shear is designed as a heavy duty steel frame that will safeguard the stability during the cutting process. The high quality design also can have a long term usage life
  • WORK HOLD DOWN WITH EASY ADJUSTMENT AND EASY OPERATION. An adjustable work hold down setting is inside this metal shear that will make sure easy adjustment and easy operation
  • CAN CUT MULTIPLE MATERIALS. This 8-inch metal shear is designed to cut thick sheet steel at 3/16-inch, flat-steel at 2-3/4x3/16-inch as well as round steel at 1/2-inch
  • ARCHED TOP BLADE ALLOWS EFFORTLESSLY CUTTING. The mounting-type metal plate shear has an arched top blade that will make the cutting process smoothly and effortlessly
  • LONG HANDLE ENSURES EXTRA LEVERAGE. The beauty of this 8-inch metal shear is that it has a long-handle, which saves a lot of time and energy to do a cutting; if you have a back pain, this shear definitely will alleviate that and make the cutting more enjoyable

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